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This project investigates the way local (civic / regional) and national identities were shaped in response to natural disasters in the Netherlands, starting with the St Elisabeth’s Flood of 1421 and ending with the Severe Winter of 1890. 
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Water: A Dutch Cultural History

Translated by Nance Forest-Flier (Nijmegen: Radboud University Press, 2024, release: January)
Floating cradles, water wolves, a finger in the dike: what do stories about their struggle with the water tell us about the Dutch?
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Dealing with Disasters from Early Modern to Modern Times

Hanneke van Asperen and Lotte Jensen (eds.), Responses to Catastrophes (Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2023)
This volume addresses cultural representations of catastrophes such as floods, epidemics, and earthquakes over the centuries. In the past as now, artists and authors try to make sense of disasters, grasp their impact, and communicate moral, religious, or political messages. 
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